Las Vegas Activities

Las Vegas has a wide variety of activities for visitors while in the city, most tourists visiting Las Vegas have casinos, restaurants and shows in mind, but the city has so much more activities to offer visitors so why not explore all the different activities available to you while in Vegas.

Gambling Activities
Gambling is probably the most well-known activity in Las Vegas and why most vacationers come to the famous city. There are a wide variety of electronic gambling games as well as a multitude of dealer run table games. Some of these games include poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, pai gow, and craps as well as many variations of each game.

Las Vegas has been turning itself into a city of sports over the recent years and most of the resorts and hotels in Las Vegas have been offering sports betting to clientel since the city's beginning days. Many hotels offer in-house sports betting at their sportsbooks which are located in the casinos. Some of the more well-known sportsbooks include the Westgate's Superbook and Circa's Sportsbook which are some of the largest and most advanced sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Horse Racing
What's a trip to Las Vegas without placing a bet on a live televised horse race at one of the many Vegas sportsbooks. Many of the sportsbooks offer the ability to make bets on televised horse races taking place on tracks not only across the United States, but in many other parts of the world. Even if your not an expert horse racing handicapper, placing a bet and experiencing a live televised horse race can be a fun and exciting experience for many visitors to Las Vegas.

Outdoor Activities
There are tons of outdoor activities visitors can experience, ranging from easy activities like walking the Las Vegas Strip to more thrilling and adventurous activities like riding the Big Apple Roller Coaster around New York New York or even jumping off the top of the Stratosphere. Las Vegas has tons of outdoor activities which can keep visitors busy the whole time they are in Vegas.

Activities for Children


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